Introduction To Lean Manufacturing

Learn to reduce cost by reducing waste

“What is Supply Chain?” It is all of the events, linked together, that are required to plan, buy, develop, make, move and sell a product. Any great manufacturer will definitely agree, in order to achieve goals that are set, the organization need a series of process that are LEAN. Supply Chain concept gives us the tools that will determine the organization success. With system that gives structured activities, manufacturing process defines better flow of quality product with minimum impact in high cost, bad yields and boost productivity to a maximum level. LEAN and Supply Chain adapt all the related GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) such as 5S system, Kan-ban, Set-Up Reduction, Equipment Effectiveness, TPM and others.

LEAN MANUFACTURING gives a mind-shift and change management structure which plays the most vital role in addressing the overall concept. With focus on WASTE ELIMINATION, the LEAN “Tool Box” can be use to open up new era in manufacturing excellence.

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