Achieving Strategy Alignment

Coordination is key to success. Learn how to align goals and rise as champions.

Most companies are structured with multiple business units or functions, each with their respective agendas and objectives. However, in most cases, these units produce uncoordinated efforts that are not in sync with their company’s strategy. In short, they fail to coordinate and have conflicting goals. As a result, the organization is left with energy-sapping arguments, lost opportunities, wasted resources and low morale employees. Alignment of the organization to strategy gives everyone involved a clear line of sight to the strategy and enables the organization to develop synergies by sharing resources, costs and customers, which ultimately translates into greater organizational value. Cascading with the Balanced Scorecard will address the function and importance of organizational alignment in executing strategy. This program equips participants with the knowledge, skills, strategies and tools to effectively align their functional units with their organization’s strategy using the Balanced Scorecard.

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