Engaging Leadership – Effectively Engaging The Hearts & Minds Of Your Employees

Engage the hearts and minds of your fellow employees to be more committed to the company.

What would your subordinates say about their company? How much of their hearts are in the job? Do they have a deep connection with their organization? Do they feel belonged? employee engagement is defined as how positively employees think about their organization, feel about their organization, and how proactive are they in achieving organizational goals for their customers, company and stakeholders. In other words, it is about the degree to which employees perform their roles in a positive and proactive manner. Are your people “switched on” or “switched off” most of the time? Why? This powerful program is uniquely designed to equip department heads and managers with the knowledge, tools, strategies and skills to engage the hearts and minds and unlock the creative talents and potential of their people and create a pool of passionate, committed and motivated workforce to increase performance and productivity.

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