Building High Performance Teams

Resolve interpersonal conflict, improve communications, develop cohesiveness, develop leadership skills, create understanding with team members and build a stronger team.

Successful organizations today know that TEAMS make a big difference in achieving strategic goals. Strong, flexible, and productive teams can be the competitive edge needed to produce better results, achieve quality, lower cost, and deliver better customer service. With active involvement, High-Performing Teams can help promote better bottom line performance, adaptability, quality, service and safety. To achieve these objectives, teams will have to start doing things differently. Team members and leaders will need to communicate more effectively with each other, encourage more involvement, tap into creativity, overcome resistance to change, and renew team spirit. But this change can also create difficulty for some that may lack the knowledge or a team mind set. The goal in this learning journey is to help participants develop awareness, practical skills, and a deep belief in the power of teamwork. Participants will gain an integrated set of skills to enhance team performance, team leadership, and team relationship to bring out the best in individuals. Tools used are the CONNECT Model and Ten Dimensions of Team Leadership toolkit. Prepare to turn your team into a dynamic unit!

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